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The Canoe Trip is a concept of Travelbase . At Travelbase, we create travel concepts where focus is on "The Journey", rather than the destination.

Our team consists of four outdoor enthusiasts, passionated about sports and nature. Together with our local partners in Sweden, we work throughout the year on The Canoe Trip to provide our participants with the most unique travel experiences with hopefully memories for a lifetime. Our team is always available to answer all your questions. Not sure about something or in doubt? We are happy to give personal advice and think along with you! With four enthusiastic multi-national team members, we work on The Canoe Trip throughout the year to provide our participants with the most unique travel experiences with hopefully memories for a lifetime. We are all four passionate travelers and specialized in canoe trips.

The Canoe Trip Team


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My heart beats for all kind of sports, starting from crossfit to athletics, gymnastics and finally also to canoeing! I can easily loose myself for hours while looking at magical nature sceneries. I am also the flexible and spontaneous one, not only at my work for The Canoe Trip but in general: invite me on a random trip and the next day I'll be on my way!


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I am the seeker of amazing views, the watcher of the perfect scenery and catcher of the perfect moment. Hand a camera over to me and I´ll picture the perfect memory which will last forever. Surviving in the wilderness? Just give me a knife and water and I´ll find my way through.


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I fought my way through the Australian outback, canoed along dangerous rivers and survived a snakebite. Finding food in the wilderness? No worries, give me a fishing rod and I´ll catch an amazing dinner. Call me the female Kangaroo Dundee. PS: I am always in for some delicious marshmallows at the bonfire.


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Looking for the unknown is really my thing! I like to look for never-before-visited places and authentic experiences. With beautiful views you can certainly get me quiet, I can look for hours at the swell of the water or the flames of the campfire. If you feel like striking up a conversation then you've come to the right place.

Besides our team we also have a whole army of enthusiastic volunteers work on The Canoe Trip & our indispensable rangers every summer!

Wanna join our team as a ranger? Click here for more information


Send us a message info@thecanoetrip.org

We are available via mail, Messenger or Whatsapp. During the corona times, we will do our best to answer you within 24 hours. Our office times are from monday until friday,10 AM - 7PM (CET).

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About us

The Canoe Trip is a Travelbase concept.

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