Discover the pure Swedish nature by means of canoe during a seven-day Canoe Trip in the breath-taking are of Värmland.

Into The Wild

At the border of Sweden and Norway, you can find one of the most wide natural reserves in Scandinavia: Värmland, the area where you can still drink water out of lakes and where you can camp in the wild. In other words, the ideal setting for the adventure of the year: The Canoe Trip.

Over the course of seven days, you and your trusty canoe will travel from island to island. On the first day of the trip, we will teach you how to use a canoe and you will get all the instructions you need in order to survive the following six days in nature!

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It's the journey, not the destination



The calculated route consists out of 120 kilometres worth of pure nature, and makes a big loop - you will cross through several lakes and rivers. You will need 'land transport' on four occasions: get some wheels beneath that canoe and drag it to the next little lake.

We will group up every night in a beautiful location. We'll get a campfire going and spend the night there. After six days, you'll be back where you started.

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Where to camp?

We will indicate the best camping spots along the route on our Trailbook.You will be able to make a fire and set camp on those spots. It is likely that you will encounter other Canoe Trippers on this spot. Of course you can always opt to camp on your own private island. At the beginning of the trip you will receive a camping permit with which you have the permission to camp anywhere in the Värmland.

After 6 days of canoeing you will return to our basecamp

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How to get there

Värmland is a region in The Middle of Nowhere, without an international airport or train station. Therefore we have chartered 2 busses. One is going from France, Belgium and the Netherlands straight to Värmland. The other bus will operate on Saturday and will drive from Oslo to Värmland.

The week Schedule

  • You will receive all necessary instructions on the arrival day (saturday). On saturday evening you will camp at the basecamp.
  • From Sunday until Friday you will be on the beautiful rivers and lakes of Värmland. The last Friday you will arrive back at basecamp*
  • On Saturday (last day) you will be able to rest. There will be a bus leaving to Oslo in the afternoon (at 4PM) and a bus going back to the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

    The bus trip

    If you are coming from France, Belgium or Holland you can join the bus ride to Sweden. The bus will depart on Friday 2PM from Brussels & Utrecht and will arrive on base camp the next morning.

    The Airport Shuttle

    The nearest airport is Oslo Gardermoen. From there, we organize a shuttle bus on Saturday (2 times a day). You can book a shuttle bus return ticket with your booking for 59 € per person.

    • Arrival Saturday: departures from Oslo Gardermoen at 12h00 and 17h00.
    • Departure Saturday: arrival in Oslo Gardermoen at 13h00 and 18h00


    Every canoe will receive the basic cooking material at the start of the trip.

    You can bring all your food along yourself or you can choose for the Canoe Trip Survival Foodpack


    You will be 6 days entirely by yourself in the wilderness, without electricity, technology or instagram. This is fantastic experience but also brings some risks along. Therefore we advice everybody to bring an old decent cell phone with a long battery life. We will send you updates about the weather conditions by text message. All canoes will receive a GPS tracker at the departure including an alarm button

    We will monitor the locations of each canoe 24/7 and there are rangers along the trail who can intervene if necessary

    What do I bring?

    If it is your first time in a canoe, you will probably have a lot of questions. We will send you a checklist a couple of weeks before departure, but make sure to bring all of these things:

    • Tent, sleeping bag, rug
    • Old-fashioned mobile phone with a long-lasting battery
    • Sun cream and a hat
    • Torch light
    • Lighters, matches
    • Plastic bags to put your luggage in during the canoeing

    It's important not to carry too much luggage - this will ensure the 'land transports' are not too intense. Aim for a luggage weight of 20 kilogrammes per person.


You can do The Canoe Trip on each week of the summer. There is a maximum of 15 boats per trail.

  • Week #01 Fri 22 Jun - Sat 30 Jun
  • Week #02 Fri 29 Jun - Sat 7 Jul
  • Week #03 Fri 6 Jul - Sat 14 Jul
  • Week #04 Fri 13 Jul - Sat 21 Jul
  • Week #05 Fri 20 Jul - Sat 28 Jul
  • Week #06 Fri 27 Jul - Sat 4 Aug
  • Week #07 Fri 3 Aug - Sat 11 Aug
  • Week #08 Fri 10 Aug - Sat 18 Aug
  • Week #09 Fri 17 Aug - Sat 25 Aug
  • Week #10 Fri 24 Aug - Sat 1 Sep
  • Week #01 Sat 22 Jun - Sat 29 Jun
  • Week #02 Sat 29 Jun - Sat 6 Jul
  • Week #03 Sat 6 Jul - Sat 13 Jul
  • Week #04 Sat 13 Jul - Sat 20 Jul
  • Week #05 Sat 20 Jul - Sat 27 Jul
  • Week #06 Sat 27 Jul - Sat 3 Aug
  • Week #07 Sat 3 Aug - Sat 10 Aug
  • Week #08 Sat 10 Aug - Sat 17 Aug
  • Week #09 Sat 17 Aug - Sat 24 Aug
  • Week #10 Sat 24 Aug - Sat 31 Aug
  • Week #11 Sat 31 Aug - Sat 7 Sep


The price for The Canoe Trip is €490 per person, and includes:

  • Rent of a two-person canoe for a period of six days, incl. oars, life vest, rope, etc.
  • • Bus transport to and from Värmland
  • Rent of a cooking set
  • Rent of a big container to keep your valuables safe in
  • Canoe instructions
  • Maps & route directions

Those that do not join us on the bus, pay €110 less.

Optional: Canoe Trip Survival Food Pack: €80 per person

About us

The Canoe Trip is a concept of Route du Soleil. you can reach us at:


Help! I have never used a canoe before!

No worries, normally the instructions we'll give you on the very first day should suffice for anyone with a healthy basic condition to undertake the route!

What is included in the Survival Food Pack?

You will get the contents of the list sent to you a couple of weeks before departure. If you like, you can also bring some of your own food from Belgium.

Can I do some fishing?

If you have a fishing license (you can get this at the location itself), you can fish in certain lakes we come across. The main fish present are pikes and sea basses.

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